MASC | Prerequisite Override Request

This form is to request permission to enroll in a course where you have not yet satisfied the prerequisites. Once permission is granted, it is your responsibility to enroll.

Typical processing times are between one to three business days; but wait times may be longer during open enrollment periods.

Read the following below, and click "Begin this Form" when ready.

Types of Overrides

Temporary Prerequisite Override

If you expect to satisfy a course prerequisite before the semester begins because you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course, or are waiting for transfer credit, use this form to ask for a Temporary Prerequisite Override.

Permanent Prerequisite Override

If you feel you have satisfied a prerequisite in some other way you may ask for a Permanent Prerequisite Override. These are rarely granted, but do not expire.

Taking a similar course in high school is different than a prerequisite. The Math Placement Test (MPT) can also be used to satisfy prerequisites.

Terms and Conditions of an Override

Those who request an override must understand the following.

  • I UNDERSTAND that I am only asking for prerequisite permission to register for a class and that to enroll in a full class I need to use the UAConnect waitlist.
  • I UNDERSTAND that if the request is granted, I will be able to register on UAConnect within one week (two business days during advising periods); if it is not granted, I will be notified by email.
  • I UNDERSTAND that if a Temporary Prerequisite Override is granted, it is my responsibility to ensure the Registrar's Office has prerequisite credit on file at least 10 business days prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • I UNDERSTAND that if this credit is not on file at that date, I will be notified via email and dropped from the course.