SURF Registration (ONCA)

SURF Registration

Intake Information

Application grant period Required
Are you applying as an architecture, apparel studies, fine arts, or interior design student? Required
Are you an international student? Required

Student Information

If you receive an award, will we have permission to release a news story to your hometown newspaper? Required
Only if you grant us permission to release a story.
e.g., Fulbright - International Relations

Mentor Information

e.g., Walton - Management

Research Project Information

Does your research require human subjects? Required
Does your research require animal subjects? Required
Does your research involve recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules? Required
Have you previously received funding for this project or a related project? Required
Do you expect the research on this project to continue after the funding period? Required

Additional Information

Are you a member of the Honors College? Required
Have you completed at least 6 honors hours? Required
Briefly explain your career plans in a few sentences.
Are you interested in a career which is connected to public service, the environment, or Native American health and/or public policy? Required
Please provide up to three examples of your community or campus impact.
May we use your five-page proposal as an example for future applicants? Required
Do you wish to study abroad during your undergraduate studies? Required
Do you wish to study abroad during your graduate studies? Required
Do you have any publications? Required
Which of the following degrees do you plan to attain? Required
Are you one of your mentor's four designated SURF applicants? Required
Per ADHE guidelines, each faculty mentor is only allowed four applicants per SURF competition. Do remember that if you are not one of your mentor’s designated SURF applicants, you can still apply for an Honors College Research Grant (depending on honors status) or an Undergraduate Research Grant. Please note that HCRG and URG applicants will still submit their applications through the SURF campus application process.
Do you acknowledge that you must be enrolled full-time (12 hours) for the duration of your project to receive SURF funding, and that no exceptions are made for seniors in their final semester? Required
The Arkansas Department of Higher Education requires a social security number for submission of the SURF application. Required

In registering to submit a SURF proposal, I confirm that I will discuss the budget of the project with my research mentor, and I understand that my requested stipend ($1,250 or $2,500, depending on requested funding length) does not have to be used for research costs, unless I have previously agreed to share costs with my mentor. If we have jointly decided, per this discussion with my mentor, to use a portion of the student stipend to fund research costs, I will detail any planned expenditures on the SURF Student Stipend Agreement form included with my SURF application.

I agree to the budget guidelines above Required