ARSC - Diversity and Inclusion

We want to hear from you


We must continuously keep asking ourselves what we can to do to be agents of positive change, and we know much more is needed.

As part of the University of Arkansas' "Transforming the U of A: Combating Racism and Building an Inclusive Campus" initiative, Vice Chancellor Yvette Murphy-Erby is tasking us to answer three questions:

  • What should we STOP doing?
  • What should we START doing?
  • What should we CONTINUE to do?

We invite anyone who desires to share their story, experiences, perspective or feedback with us to complete the form below and help us answer these questions. Your name and email are not required but if you leave them blank, we will not have a way to contact you if you select the box requesting more information.

 Please check the box below if you would like to be contacted by Romona West, Fulbright College's director of diversity and inclusion, for more information or discussion.